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Creating The Future

Values and Ethos

‘Creating the Future’



The aim of Scientia Academy is to raise standards of achievement by providing a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children are enabled to become independent, responsible, and enthusiastic learners.


The provision of excellent and inspirational teaching is intended to encourage all individuals to have high expectations and to recognise their own successes and improvements.


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, starting with the National Curriculum; enriched by outstanding opportunities for learning through trips, visitors, and memorable experiences. We seek to develop key knowledge, understanding and skills that equip our learners for their future.


Scientia aspires to be ‘Great School’ this is to be achieved through an unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas. The community we serve needs us all to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence so that we offer all pupils a chance to excel and achieve their potential.


Weaving through the school curriculum and daily life at Scientia are our core values. All staff and pupils are expected to display these values throughout their professional and academic time at Scientia.


Kindness, Respect & Responsibility




Diversity and inclusion

The school aims to create a positive, stimulating, and happy environment through which all members of the school community can develop their skills and thrive. The school is committed to ensuring that all members of the community are treated fairly, justly and with respect in every aspect of school life.

Our school celebrates diversity and prides itself on cultivating an environment in which all our staff members, pupils, governors, parents, and stakeholders have the freedom to be themselves without judgement or discrimination.