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Across our broad and diverse Trust there is huge diversity. Although this is very much welcomed, it also stimulates a range of life challenges for the young people we support. For example, some of our children will have very little chance to spend time in the countryside, others will never have the opportunity to experience different countries and cultures, similarly many will never consider engaging with the arts.


Through the delivery of 11BEFORE11, we aim to overcome as many of these challenges as possible. Some of these are detailed below.

11BEFORE11 will enable all REAch2 children, irrespective of their circumstances to:

  • Enjoy the great outdoors
  • Experience the arts
  • Embrace new cultures
  • Challenge their adventurous spirit
  • Stretch their comfort zone
  • Build  new life skills
  • Support the community within which they live.

Whilst the provision of opportunities is vital, the impact that participation creates is more important. Through the delivery of 11BEFORE11, we are not only looking to open our pupil's eyes to a world of new opportunities, but also to help them develop the skills and experiences required to thrive and develop in their future lives.


Through 11BEFORE11, we aim to deliver an enhancement in the following areas:



11BEFORE11 is made up of 11 promises to our pupils. Each promise provides the framework for the delivery of an exciting and memorable opportunity. Given the diverse nature of our schools and pupils, we fully understand that these promises will be delivered at different times within the school year and in subtly different formats to suit the school's needs. In terms of an approach, we welcome this flexibility as it will allow our schools to be creative in their approach and for the Trust to gain ongoing understanding of what works well and how opportunities can be enhanced.



Our 11Before11 Promises at Scientia Academy

At Scientia we choose 11 promises from this selection.