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If you would like your child to join our school, please full details of our admissions arrangements below.

The Nursery

We have a 52 place nursery for 3 and 4 year olds, set within the Early Years area of school. We can take up to 26 children for either the morning or afternoon session. There is a waiting list and places are allocated according to the admissions policy. Children’s names can be placed on the waiting list at any time. We offer 15 and 30 hour places and run a Lunchtime Club.


Admission Process

Scientia Academy handles its own admissions for Nursery places, application forms are available from September for the following academic yearly intake. You will be informed of your place on the waiting list as soon as you submit your application form.


In order to qualify for a place in September your child needs to be 3 years old before the 31st of August.


Please note that a place in the nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school. A separate application will need to be made to join the main school.


The School

The school has a normal catchment area; if you live within this area the local authority will generally be able to offer you a place for your child. All applications to join our school in Reception and Year 3 need to be made through the local authority based at:


School Admissions and Transport Service,
Staffordshire County Council,
1 Staffordshire Place,
ST16 2DH. 


email address: [email protected]


Admission Appeals


All mid-year appeals will be considered by an Independent Appeals Panel within 30 school days from receipt. 

September admission appeals need to be submitted by : 
Primary / middle - 17 May 2024

Any appeals received after 12 June 2024 will not be considered by an Independent Appeals Panel until September 2024. 


We manage our own admissions for other year groups, please contact the school office on 01283 248100 or email:  [email protected] if you would like more information.


The number of children we plan to have in school is 420 and the planned admission is 60 in each year.



Admissions Policy 2034-24

REAch2 Academy Trust (the Trust), as the admission authority for all of its academies as per the admissions code 2021, is consulting on the admission arrangements for all of its schools. It is the responsibility of the Trust to determine the arrangements for all of its schools, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the admissions code 2021 and other statutory legislation, such as the Equalities Act 2010.


On 4 October 2023, the Trust Board approved several variations to the current arrangements, which seek to add clarity to a number of key definitions within the policy. The new policy also includes more information on how parents can access other admissions related information, including in-year admissions, appeals processes, and Fair Access Protocol’s.


The new policies do not propose any change to the school’s existing over-subscription criteria. The new policy seeks to make clear that children within the final category of the over-subscription criteria are ranked by the distance they live from the school. The Trust has therefore re-named this criterion from ‘other children’ to ‘distance’. Children within that criterion will still be ranked in the same way.


You can find the proposed school policy for 2025/2026 by visiting  Academy Directory - REAch2 Academy Trust


The consultation will run from 6  December 2023 to 31 January 2024.


We welcome feedback from all stakeholders on the proposed arrangements. Responses to the consultation may be placed by any of the following means: