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Safeguarding your personal information – Parent and Pupil Privacy Notice

It is your right to be aware how the academy uses your personal information and it is our responsibility to make sure we handle any data you share with us fairly, lawfully and securely. That is why, in line with the new data privacy regulations (GDPR) taking effect, we are writing to you to explain how we will continue to safeguard your information.

Personal information is any information which identifies you and relates to you. The academy’s primary reason for using your personal information is to provide an education for your child. Personal information may come from a number of sources, for example:

  • We may obtain information about you from admissions forms.
  • We may get information from professionals, such as doctors and local authorities.
  • We may have photographs of children at academy events to use on the website or social media.

In accordance with our legal obligations we will also share information with third parties, such as local authorities, Ofsted and the Department for Education.

We strongly recommend that you read the full version of the Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice which can be found on the REAch2 website at . It sets out in detail the rights that you have to your information, what decisions you can make, for how long an academy retains your personal information and our legal grounds for using your personal information.

Requests and enquiries concerning the academy’s uses of your personal data should be addressed to the academy in the first instance. Any queries relating to the Trust’s approach to the GDPR may be addressed to Peter Noskiw, Interim Data Protection Officer for REAch2 Multi Academy Trust. He can be contacted at

 REAch2 Pupil and Parent Privacy Notice 

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