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Family Liaison – Keddie Bailey

Being a parent can be challenging and when you’re facing stressful situations, everyday family life can become overwhelming.

I have worked within a family support charity for the past 7 years and have supported parents through difficult issues that have been impacting on them, their children and their family.

Asking for help is never easy but I will respect your family, your situation and your confidentiality and together we could make things just a little bit easier for you, your children and your family.

I can help with any home or family situation that might be affecting your child’s attendance, emotional health in school, attainment and social development.

This could be:

  • A change in your personal circumstance
  • Stress within the home environment
  • Difficulties with behaviour
  • Sibling relations meeting
  • Money worries or benefit advice
  • Health concerns within close or extended family
  • Isolation within your community.
  • It could be support you need or it could be more about the children or the whole family. I can offer support through sessions in school or home visits for as long as you need it.

If you’d like to arrange an informal chat in school or would prefer a home visit, you can contact me through the school on 01283 248100 or 07494 780282.

I am in school Wednesdays and alternate Mondays but can be contacted through the week.

Keddie Bailey

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