Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC)

Scientia Academy is a very diverse school made up of many different cultures and faiths. We aim to celebrate all of these offering our children an enriching educational experience.  

Spiritual Development

Nursery and Reception classes – Christmas
Reception – Chinese New Year and Easter
Year 1 – Harvest, Christmas and Easter Assemblies
Year 2 – Eid, Christmas and Easter Assemblies
Year 3 & 4 – Diwali, Christmas and Easter Assemblies 

Reverend Mike from the Baptist church visits the school monthly to speak to the children on Monday Assemblies 
Close links with the Parish council and the Baptist church adjacent to the school 
Displays around the school celebrate the diverse cultures and languages in the school 
All classes celebrate International Day – chosen country 
Year 2 children have visited the local mosque and the Baptist church 
School offers halal meats after consultation with parents 

Moral Development

Monday Assemblies – share a story and go over the moral
Reinforcing the importance of good behaviour
Circle Time/PSHE topics enables children to recognise the difference between wrong and right  
Class charters are agreed by the children 
The behavior policy is shared with parents in Newsletters to ensure that they are clear of all procedures 
The importance of democracy is taught through British Values lessons 

Social Development

The School Parliament was a whole school process to go demonstrate democracy in action to our children and allowing them to air their views 
Children participated in the Macmillan coffee morning, Children in Need, Visited a local care home to sing carols
Year 1 have worked on an art project to show what makes us proud to be British – see displays
Children respect each others beliefs and incidents of racist comments have not been reported to date
Grandparents day which was well attended  

Cultural Development

All cultures are celebrated in International day
Cultural diversity is celebrated throughout the school in displays
Children participate in a range of activities – Burton Albion and Jamie Sleigh our sports coach develop children’s sporting skills. Rock It provide music lessons – children learn to play the keyboard and perform in a steel band. 
Celebrate success – Well done Assemblies, attendance awards for individual children and classes Sticker charts for behaviour – Headteacher certificates – bronze, silver and gold and Marvelous Me app all contribute to celebrate the children’s successes and share with parents.

British Values

Whole school approach to elect the school parliament
Half termly focused topic
World War 1 centenary and the poppy appeal