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Behaviour & Attendance

Autumn Term 2016


Currently sitting at 97.2%. Year 5 is currently the year with the poorest attendance of 96.2% which is still above the national average of 95%.

There is still one persistent absence at present. The Educational Welfare Office is involved and the child’s attendance has improved.

The class with the best attendance for the week spends half an hour on Thursday afternoon in the cinema as their reward.


We have had one fixed period of exclusion for 2 days. This was due to the child behaving very aggressively to staff and physical behaviour against pupils. Mr Bhoola has had a meeting with parents and the child is now on a reduced timetable.

We have had no incidents of racism or bullying reported.

The school now has a token system in place for good behaviour whilst walking around the school , lining up etc. This is a whole class effort and as a reward each half term the best class gets a special lunch.

There is also a wall of recognition with charts to recognise good behaviour of pupils.

Minutes of Curriculum Meeting Held On 17th November 2016

Scientia LGB agenda 16-3-2017

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